If you have warts then you should know that tea tree oil is one of the best wart removal remedies. The cause of warts is HPV, which is a virus that affects a lot of people around the world. One of the most common types of warts is plantar warts and it causes cauliflower looking growths to show up on the sole of your foot. For a better description on plantar warts and other types of this chronic condition visit http://wartremovalexperts.com 

A tree primarily grown in Austria is the source of tea tree oil, and because of its powerful antiseptic properties this essential oil has been used for years to treat various diseases and skin conditions.

When you are treating a wart you have to attack it at the root of the problem. If you don’t then you might get rid of the wart for a short time but it will later come right back. This is why tea tree oil is so effective because it attacks the warts at the root of the problem and prevents it from returning.

You must dilute the tea tree oil a little before you apply it directly to the warts. For the best results you should apply the oil a few times daily until you notice that the wart is falling off. Even after the wart has fallen off you should continue to apply the oil so that the wart doesn’t have a chance to return.

The best way to dilute tea tree oil is to cut it with water or another type of oil like olive oil. The best time to apply the oil is at night time right before you go to sleep. You should place a gauze over the area where you applied the tea tree oil to prevent it from getting rubbed off.

Once you’ve applied the oil it will quickly begin to penetrate the wart and enter the root of the problem. The oil will go to work neutralizing the virus so that it doesn’t multiply and continue growing. Using tea tree oil is highly effective, especially when you use it on plantar warts.

To use tea tree oil for plantar warts it’s best to fill a basin about half way with warm water and add a few drops of the oil to it. Now soak your feet in the warm tea tree oil solution for around 20 minutes until your feet become soft. Now use an emery board to scrub your feet gently to knock off all the dead skin.

After you remove your feet from the warm tea tree oil solution and have scrubbed it off it is time to dry your feet off. After you have dried your feet make sure you apply more of the tea tree oil to the affected area to smooth it out a little. Your feet should immediately feel a lot smoother and look a lot better.

Now keep repeating this procedure for about a month each morning and each night until the warts on your feet are completely gone. Another way you can treat plantar warts with tea tree oil is to combine half water and half tea tree oil on a gauze and tape it on the affected area. You can wear this soaked gauze on the affected area for as long as it feels comfortable. We recommend keeping it on your feet before you go to sleep at night instead of during the day.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil to Remove Warts