With the holidays around the corner, it is time to start shopping around for gifts for your loved ones. And as you are buying gifts for your family and friends this season, you should not forget about your significant other, whether you are married, engaged, dating, or are in just a casual relationship. So, as everyone is busy spending time with their loved ones this season, you should also set aside some quality time for you and your partner, where you can bring out your wild sides and rekindle the relationships using various Condomania’s sexy Christmas adult gifts.

Top sexy gift ideas for the Christmas period

For the holiday season this year, there are lots of gifts you and your partner can surprise each other with. Below is a look at some of the top ideas for sexy Xmas gifts:


Most of the time, when condoms are mentioned, the word safe sex comes into mind. However, condoms can also be fun, thus helping you and your partner have a great time in the bedroom while practicing safe sex. Therefore, when you are shopping for gifts this season, you should include condom on your list. Below is a look at some of the top types of condoms that can make an excellent gift for you and your partner this holiday season.

  1. Flavoured condoms

Flavored condoms are a nice way of having fun in the bedroom while practicing safe sex. They are a great option if you and your partner are into oral sex. The amazing scent they come with also helps to make them very pleasant to use. In addition, flavored condoms come in various bright colors that are designed to match their taste and scent, thus helping to add fun in the bedroom. For the holidays this season, you can order the Flavoured Condom Sampler from Condomania, which features one dozen condoms in assorted flavors – banana, chocolate, strawberry, Apple, Mint Chocolate, Banana Split, Grape, Cola, Cherry, Orange, Fresh Mint, and others.

  1. Pleasure condoms

Pleasure-enhancing condoms are another great idea for sexy Christmas gifts this season, as they can help you and your partner have more fun without compromising your safety. For the best experience, you should check out the Naked Luxury Condoms, which are designed to offer maximum pleasure during sex without compromising the protection they offer. You can also go with the Pleasure Condom Sampler, which features various pleasure-enhancing condoms from different brands.

  1. Textured condoms

Other condoms you can consider buying as a gift for your partner this holiday season includes the Textured Condom Sampler – a dozen pack of condoms that come with various textures such as dots, ribs, bumps, and studs.

Sex toys

Sex toys as mentioned in the Huffington Post are another great idea for adult Christmas gifts. With the perfect toys, you and your partner to spice up things in the bedroom leading to better sex and more satisfaction. When you are shopping for sex toys for you and your partner, you have several options to choose from, which include sex toys designed specifically for women – dildos, vibrators, and bullet vibes, toys for men – cock rings, penis extenders, and sex toys for couples. When you are shopping for sex toys, you can also experiment with more daring products that can help bring out your wild side, for example, anal toys.


If you and your partner are planning to have fun during the holiday season, then Womens Health Mag has tips on using lubricants. Lubricants, just like with condoms, help to spice up things in the bedroom while ensuring that both you and your partner practice safe sex; the added lubrication reduces friction during sex, which helps to avoid discomfort, pain, and injuries.

When you are shopping for lubricants to gift your partner, there are several options you can choose from. Some of the top lubricants you should check out include:

  1. The Sliquid Naturals Swirl Pina Colada flavored lubricant

The Pina Colada from Sliquid Naturals Swirl is a flavored, water-based lubricant that is designed to help you and your partner to spice things in the bedroom. It comes with a sweet but subtle taste, making it a great option where oral sex is involved. It also comes with a great fragrance, and thus you can still enjoy using it even without the need for oral sex.

  1. Sliquid Soul Organic Coconut Oil Moisturizer

Just like the name suggests, this is not just a lubricant, but it can also function as an oil to be used on your entire body. Therefore, you and your partner can have fun with it during sex, or even spice things up with a relaxing massage.

  1. Pjur Original Bodyglide lubricant

The Pjur Original Bodyglide is a silicone-based lubricant that you can use with various types of condoms – latex and non-latex condoms. It is a long-lasting lubricant that is designed to enhance pleasure by increasing the natural lubrication of the body. It is also a 3-in-1 lube, which you can use during sex, for massage, and for skin conditioning, thus making it a very good gift for her.

Adult games

Adult games are another great idea for sexy gifts during the holidays, which can help you and your partner to have wild and uninhibited fun in the bedroom. Some of the adult games that you should consider buying this season include:

  1. The Sex position cards

The sex positions cards are one of the best ways of bringing out your wild side in the bedroom, thus ensuring that you and your partner have a wild and amazing time. The deck of cards features 53 sex positions that are displayed on the cards, as well as simple instructions on how to achieve those positions.

  1. The Dirty Dice

The Dirty Dice is a fun adult game that you can play with your partner for a very fun and fulfilling foreplay. The game comes with two dies, one for the body part and the other for the action. This game is also very similar to the Let’s Fool Around dice game, which is also a foreplay adult game for couples (or several people if you are the adventurous type).


For most people, the holidays are the perfect time for being with family and friend. However, as you are spending time with your loved ones, you should not forget your significant other. With above gift idea, which you can all find at Condomania’s online store, you and your partner can be able to have a very fun and wild time during the holidays.


Sexy Christmass gifts to bring out your wild side